Square One is an innovative political organization that supports bold, up-and-coming leaders of the Democratic Party who will drive change and win. The organization identifies the best candidates — often overlooked by traditional party politics — and provides them with the resources, strategy and funds to win.

Square One brings together the private sector and politics, creating a big tent of advisors from politics, business, startups, tech, media, and nonprofits. The organization builds forward-thinking campaigns that combine outstanding technology and data analytics, highly-effective messaging and PR strategy, and new methods for grassroots mobilization and fundraising.

In  2018, Square One is backing candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in overlooked Republican-held districts across the country.

Square One runs candidates like high-growth startups, reimagining how progressive campaigns can grow, innovate and thrive.


HOW we're different

We find and recruit up-and-coming leaders of the Democratic Party.

We focus on races throughout the country, including those often overlooked by the party establishment.

Many of the current resistance organizations are reactive, Square One focuses on being primarily proactive.

We provide the early infrastructure to a campaign to break down barriers to entry.

We help our candidates tell stories that win, with a focus on authentic, effective messaging strategies.

We bring together a “big tent” of advisors, drawing from politics, business, startups, nonprofits and more.